The Path

Our inability to best understand and serve ourselves is completely erased in the selfless service of others. The goal is to mitigate completely this very sense of “me” and “others” to the borderless state of consciousness where your satiation lies in the satiety of the other.” Moksha Vijay
The Guide

Born and raised in simple surroundings in North India, Vijay demonstrated a uniquely independent approach to life, and had the opportunity to be in the presence of several spiritual masters and guides. His father, a spiritual aspirant and seeker, has a deep impact on his thoughts at a very early age and eventually, while pursuing a career in the world of fashion, a world of glamour and objectification, he was constantly reminded of a deeper longing, a desire for the pursuit of inner knowing and eventually the shift gradually happened ten years ago when he reached a moment of Satori, a realization, while sitting in his favorite chair at his home – A dawn like none other.” I lost all connection with my past, all involvement governed by insecurity or emotions, and deep sense of relief came over me.


Since then as a spiritual guide, he has worked with hundreds of people to help them self heal. He teaches, among many things, that our thoughts, our actions in the world gradually diminish our ability to see ourselves, to recognize the tiny inner flame of consciousness.

He spends most of his time meditating, reading, writing, sketching and cooking – Humble past times. “Write, sing, Dance – show signs of intelligence human existence. Before you know it, the five senses will once again become a part of the five elements. Now, you Sing. Now, you Dance. Now, you create. Now, you live. Not tomorrow. Now.”

In these days where friendships are understood only in biological terms, economic terms or in Sociological terms, vijay is the “mitra”, the friend, who reintroduces us to our divine being, his compassion brings people to their highest spiritual level. Through his authenticity, people find their own.


As he continues his transcendental journey towards liberation of self and others, towards Moksha, he has come to be known by the same name – Moksha.


“There is no higher calling in life then to be of service to another being with sincerity and integrity. Once you receive diksha from the guru, and one moves inward, all divine arrangements become apparent. Live the rest of your life with harmony and compassion towards everyone and more imporanting to one’s own self.”
Moksha Vijay

Kripa Ma

Ananda Kripa meaning “blissful blessing”, offers foundational support to Moksha Vijay as Guru Ma of the organization. For women, she offers spiritual guidance and support at a personal and practical way, for her Guru bhai’s, she offers compassionate and motherly advice. She has many roles and responsibilities and it is by her example, her dedication and devotion that fellow disciples are able to learn and practice the path of bhakti.


As a young girl she sought spirituality and ascension becoming a sadhaka of many faiths. On her quest of enlightenment, through Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Zen, yoga and finally Krishna consciousness she finally found her beloved deity, a form of a blue boy, with a flute and always surrounded by music, love and dance. After her life- long aspiration of visiting his birthplace Vrndavana with Moksha Vijay she knew she had found her purpose.

“My purpose, my life, my divinity is not defined by my environment, by my circumstances or by this material world. I am no longer bound to my body, it is in this liberation of thought where freedom and the true identity of self arises.” Ananda Kripa Ma

What is the path of a Sadhak?


Sadhaka is a Sanskrit term which describes someone who follows a certain sadhana, a spiritual practice or way of life, with the aim of achieving a certain goal. Sadhaka is derived from the root word, sadh, meaning “to accomplish.”


Each soul has a purpose, a path and a destiny. As wandering souls we await signs, glimpses of understanding and seek a resolution to the questions that lurk beneath the depths of the students existence. It is only by the light of the guide or guru that illuminates the path for the sadhaka.


Our diksha fivefold path is presented below in the student handbook Sadhana a way of life. If you are interested and are seeking a purpose in life. You have come home.