The Mystic

Our thoughts, our actions in the world gradually diminish the ability to see ourselves, to recognize the tiny inner flame of consciousness. In wanting to know the world, its ways and vastness, we have forgotten the way within us, the mysticism of the being beyond the ego, the intellect. Vijay is the guide who helps you find your way home. With him, the whole being is engulfed in a flame of awareness. You come home.

The Author

Inspired by His followers to publish his teachings, Vijay is currently working on two books. 365 Mystic Meditations, a book with daily insights and revelations into one’s own life thru intuitive introspection, this books aims to empower the common man to know he is also a mediator.


Medication to Meditation, a book encouraging self examination, inner wellness and self healing. Words are simple, “Simplicity is godliness, to be as simple as you can be in your thoughts, your actions, the food that you consume, the thoughts you entertain – should be human endeavor. Simply return to simplicity, reconnect to the divine.”

The Friend

In these days where friendship is understood only in biological terms, economic terms, or in sociological terms, in terms of acquaintance and yet we do not truly know anyone. Thru his teachings and gentle nudging Vijay introduces us to our own selves, makes us realize that we are our own true friend and at the same time, his compassion comes thru to us at the highest spiritual level – just by being in his presence.


His friendship has the compassionate quality of “Maitri Bhav” “I can offer you friendship, I can be the one to relate to but real authentic friend is the one within, ask yourself in deep meditative silence Who am I? The true friend will answer.”

The Poet

Over the years Vijay has been writing – thoughts, emotions, stories. “Creativity is the expressionism that explores the boundaries of our individuality, it’s that intellectual capability that separates mankind from all other species of life on this planet” His poetry, narrated extempore speech at his meditations have the articulate meanings of words yet the authenticity of the heart.


“Write, sing, Dance – show signs of intelligence human existence. Before you know it, the five senses will once again become a part of the five elements. Now, you Sing. Now, you Dance. Now, you create. Now, you live. Not tomorrow. Now.”

The Leader

From the thousands of people at the large festivals and events He organizes to the monthly “Sangha lunches” supporting the conscious and holistic community of North Texas, Vijay provides an environment to inspire others on their path, to connect, and to pass on his inner flame of peace and love to everyone he interacts with.


“My actions have to clearly indicate the spiritual path, to inspire – not just the thoughts, but the hearts of people, to come forward and build community, help one and other, with servitude and compassion.” –Vijay Warman