The Mission

The real essence, the fragrance of being human is to hold each other in an embrace, a human embrace. As we go continue moving forward in a culmination of our vision, our dream has become our mission – To build a community rehabilitation and meditation center, which would benefit thousands of people through a myriad of services.

Human Embrace:

Human Embrace: In 2013, he established Human Embrace, a charitable organization that supports women and children by engaging local communities, businesses and organizations.


Currently in the DFW area, Human Embrace has served to date over 10,000 meals to women and children in the safe house, refuges from abusive relationships and communities. Organized by the core team, Vijay collects items including food, clothing, games, dvd’s and magazines from local restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and grocery stories. He and his team deliver these goods to the safe houses as an offering of love, support and comfort.

Projects we need your help!

Human Embrace Retreat Center

We are currently developing our mission and aspiration in a state of the art facility encouraging community connectivity and holistic wellness and meditation. The Human Embrace Retreat Center is Located just 1 hour from the DFW Metroplex. A place that can be made into your own, The facility is available to host your event being a community event, retreat or celebration.


The center hosts many events through out the year as well as various workshops and retreats using Holistic alternatives of rehabilitation through meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga, Gardening, group discussions – every paradigm dedicated to bringing healing and a healthy mind – body connection.


The center is carefully designed to incorporate and harness the five elements of nature, a place to meditate and heal, a place where you can spend the weekend in quiet contemplation, a place where you experience conscious existentialism. Opening 2020, we are currently fundraising for this project- if you would like to support us please contact


A program dedicated to inner-wellness and support. Vijay offers meditation to women and children at safe houses, schools, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.


If you would like Vijay to come and offer inner wellness and self-awareness meditations, Please Click Here with dates requested, information about your organization and aspirations.



If you would like to donate funds to help support THRIVE please click the DONATE button. All proceeds provided will be used to offer meditations at such facilities listed above.


If you would like to give a sponsorship donation for yearly meditations or workshops please Click Here.