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Life Transformational Package


Reset, Restart, Refocus. We offer many services for the home, for the self and to transform the energy in your life. This package includes 3 of our services at a discounted rate. A radical transformation, which pinpoints where the issues are resonating. Release, heal and manifest new energy, intention and success in your life with this 3 step process!

Vastu and Fengshui Consultation- Home is where the heart is- A one hour in house consultation to determine with your individual birth chart, astrology and the fundamentals of your home direction and room placements.

Sacred Energy Clearing- Once we determine all energies involved we redirect and reset the energy in your home with our sacred energy clearing service. Bringing new life to your goals a 1 hour of energy cleansing includes mantra, sounds and smudging of various herbs, woods and natural elements to re energize positivity and clear any negativity, stagnant energy and any evil eye to your home.

Remedy- Once the new energy has been created in your home we secure your success by refocusing on your goals, intentions and desires. A vastu yantra or feng shui remedy will be provided within a week of appointment.


All Inclusive Life Transformation Package $1850

Holistic Infertility Package


About 12 percent of women in the United States will seek some form of fertility treatment in their lifetime. How does pregnancy happen? Why is it that some people, even though being physically fit and having no health concerns, are unable to conceive? Every couple wants to know how to conceive naturally.

Everyone is looking for the quickest and easiest way to get pregnant without any intervention. Everyone wants to get pregnant naturally because of many psychological, philosophical or religious reasons, health concerns, or just because you prefer not to use interventions.

According to vedic texts , at the time of the relevant union, the soul enters the womb of the mother to take birth in a new mortal life form at an appropriate designated time. Much importance in vedic literature is given to not only the astrological placement of planets and Nakshtras, but also to Ayurveda, Pranayama, Mudras, Mantras and yantras.

The formation of a foetus is not a moment’s process, it is a culmination of many life times
In these couples sessions we include healing and clearing of cords, Mantras and Yantras, Yoga Asana and Mudras, Pranayama and holistic Ayurveda guidelines.


$1250 per month (minimum of 3 months)

Navagraha Yantra’s Package


Get the benefits of the 9 constellations planets to balance your home, business and life. Living with a yantra that represents each planet allows the practitioner (you) to develop a personal relationship with each deities or planetary energies represented within the form of the yantra.

A planetary yantra, used alone or in conjunction with specific corresponding individual planetary mantra, can be effectively used as a propitiatory device to either enhance beneficial possibilities, or to aid in circumventing less favorable tendencies according to oneʼs individual Vedic astrological chart.

This package includes a total of 10 energized yantras- 1 for each planetary lord and the Bhrama sthana yantra in the center, prayers and instillation.


Navagraha Yantra’s Package $1,125

New Home Package


Getting a new home is exciting and one of the most important and expensive decisions of your lifetime. Vastu Shastra and Feng shui gives guidelines for Buying Property according to Vastu Shastra that can help you prosperity and overall success and happiness in your home! This package is your one stop shop in energizing, sanctifying and blessing your home.

Vastu and Fengshui Consultation- In our office or in your new home we will offer you all of the suggestions on room placement, lucky colors, lucky numbers and decor.

Sacred Energy Clearing-Making your home a sacred and energized space, releasing any stagnant energy, evil eye and negativity.

Griha Pravesh- Priest, Auspicious dates given, Samagrei, ceremony and puja arrangements. Vastu Yantra or Fengshi Shui Remedy- Depending on your needs we will suggest a yantra or fengsui remedy that offers success of your new home.


New Home Package $2,500

Selling Your Home or Business Package


Selling your home can be exciting or can feel like a never ending process. Vastu Shastra and Feng shui gives guidelines for both buying property and selling property. This package is your one stop shop in energizing, sanctifying and blessing your home to be sold for the price you are wanting to sell for!

Vastu and Fengshui Consultation- In our office or in your home we will offer you all of the suggestions on lucky dates, numbers to sell your home and days of the week to host open houses.

Sacred Energy Clearing-Making your home a sacred and energized space, releasing any stagnant energy, evil eye and negativity.


Selling Your Home Business Package – Home $1500 / Business $3,000

Chakra and Kundalini

Kundalini, the awakening of the serpent fire of consciousness which rises through the chakras – the centers of awareness. Learn about the mystical magical world of the being, and beyond, through the classes and courses offered. Get certified in cosmic realms of physical manifestation.


The science of guidance utilizing the path of planets and stars. How do these stars, these constellations effect of lives, our way of living, our orientation of thoughts. Learn about your individual journey, how this metaphysical science can guide you with the planetary movements in space and time. Private consultations.

Intuitive Guidance

We are connected to a divinity – call it God by any name, Universe, divine light. Just as we derive nourishment from food we consume, we also need nourishment for the soul, to connect to the source. The only way to be guided into that space and be reconnected to our true essential being, is to think from our hearts, from stepping from head to our hearts.


The starting point of a journey within, available to everyone who wishes to take that one step journey and go from the outside to the inside. The rules are simple – do whatsoever, but with compassion in our hearts and clarity of the mind. Allowing the being to see the transcendental nature of life, to become meditative. An initiation onto a spiritual path.

Vastu Shastra

An ancient art, a science, to harness the power of nature. Feng Shui literally means wind-water, while the origins of the word Vastu come from the masculine divinity that resides at the heart of every piece of land utilized to construct a home, a place of business – any dwelling that forms a communion with Man and nature. How can the five great elements be best utilized to energize our homes?

Mystic Mandala Meditations

The Mind Body connection has now been established as a known fact, just as the laws of manifestation work – you are what you think, you create your own destiny, which is a clear choice of thoughts.

Yet, time and again, our minds make up an illusion which creates an unlikable reality in our lives. Why is it so hard to control thoughts? Why are we unable to transcend this?

Join us every Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm for our group Mystic Mandala Meditations at our studio – 3131 Custer Road Suite 265, Plano Texas 75223, Arrive at 6:15 to settle into your space. Love offering $25 on Wednesdays and $15 on Thursdays. To reserve an individual one on one session please schedule an appointment accordingly below, Prices are $175 per session- 6 session minimum.(Please see Intuitive Guidance)

Full Moon Ritual and Meditations
Every month on the evening of the full moon 6:00pm-8:00pm The striking impression of a moon in its illuminated fullness has held a profound space in manifesting and marking the passage of time. We are very excited to release the first date of our monthly Full Moon Ritual and Meditations based off of the Vedic Nakshatra (1 of the 27 Goddesses of the Moon) Each month we will feature the Nakshatra of that Full Moon, utilizing her energy to either manifest or release.

Our program will includes Guided by Moksha Vijay, Sound Healing offered by Gong Journeys Meditation Osten Aune and Sacred Mantra and Energy Clearing by Ananda Kripa, various methods of rejuvenation through meditation techniques, rituals, sacred patterns and mantras. The rituals are non-denominational and can be adapted to all walks of life.

Loving offering $35


“The place where your fears lie also is the place of everything your heart desires” The mind wants everything – ambitions, goals, desires, wants and needs. The heart is simple – it wants love. Through Mystic Mandala workshops, allow yourself to transcend the mind, the ego self and become aware, simply be. Mystic Mandala offers workshops on Anti Anxiety, Mindfulness practices, Anti Negativity, Chakras, Abundance, vision boarding, Manifestation and many more.

Sacred energy Clearing

Energy is the underlying infrastructure of the body and the space we occupy. Without energy, things naturally move from order to disorder. This energy field is an intelligent system that regulates health and healing, it governs your experiences in this life and also the experience of the place where you live in.

Just as a garden planted with seedlings will blossom better if weeds are not allowed to creep in, similarly a business with a clear vision and a sound mission will flourish, but if the right energy is not channelled the same business will loose economically. The same way is for the human body – needs nourishment to survive and thrive, and If you are not giving it enough sleep or food, your body will fall apart.

Each of these processes—clearing, containing, and cultivating energy, they play an important role in maintaining harmony and creating over all abundance.
Negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on your –

  • Mental well being
  • Physical state
  • Financial situation
  • Relationship status


In our process, the five great elements are appeased to recreate a vibrant environment. We utilize various techniques, sounds and natural materials to re energize and clear negativity from your home or business.
Creating a sacred space- A Mandala is created in the center or Northeast of your home. Our clearing starts here, through meditation, intention, affirmation and sacred intuition.

Smudging- one such tool that we utilize to clear any negativity and help you start afresh. It is an ancient ceremony in which you burn sacred plants, medicinal and fragrant such as sage, lavender, incense, dhoop, camphor etc, to allow the smoke to clear and bless a space.

Sound- The ancient practice of using sound to energize and bring harmony creating a sacred container dates back thousands of years, and across many civilizations. Bells and other energized tools will be used to create overall peace and prosperity.

Mantra- Mantras based on the direction of your home or business will be chanted during the duration of your clearing. Recitation or Installation of these mantras forever changes the energy of the space.

After care remedies-
Depending on the nature of our clearing we will provide remedies to keep the energy vibrant and positive for years to come.

Energy Clearing $750 1 hour in home service or discounted to $1250 which would includes a 1 hour Vastu Feng Shui Consultation and 1 hour Energy Clearing Service (Total Value 1,425)