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Transcend with Vijay every Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm for our group Mystic Mandala Meditations at our corporate office 3131 Custer Road Suite 265, Plano Texas 75223.

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We are connected to a divinity - call it God by any name, Universe, divine light. Just as we derive nourishment from food we consume, we also need nourishment for the soul, to connect to the source.

The only way to be guided into that space and be reconnected to our true essential being, is to think from our hearts, from stepping from head to our hearts.


The Mind Body connection has now been established as a known fact, just as the laws of manifestation work - you are what you think, you create your own destiny, which is a clear choice of thoughts.

Yet, time and again, our minds make up an illusion which creates an unlikable reality in our lives. Why is it so hard to control thoughts? Why are we unable to transcend this?

Join us every Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm for our group Mystic Mandala Meditations at our corporate office  3131 Custer Road Suite 265, Plano Texas 75223, Arrive at 6:15 to settle into your space.  Love offering $15. To reserve a individual one on one session please schedule an appointment accordingly below, Prices are $175 per session- 6 session minimum.

An ancient art, a science, to harness the power of nature. Feng Shui literally means wind-water, while the origins of the word Vastu come from the masculine divinity that resides at the heart of every piece of land utilized to construct a home, a place of business - any dwelling that forms a communion with Man and nature. How can the five great elements be best utilized to energize our homes?